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100% Authentic and 100% Real

Addiction. Where does it come from? Is it hereditary or Acquired? The medical profession has been struggling and researching this for decades. Genealogist have reported that 11 pairs of genes are associated with alcoholism and Alcoholism is approximately 50% attributed to Genetics. Although I believe that Medical Research is Important and needed in curing the chronic Alcoholic and Addict, My Approach to Recovery has not been a medical one but a Spiritual One. To me the Mind is the most Powerful Healer. Our thoughts control our feelings and when we feel good we release powerful hormones that regulate our health and bodies. I’m no Medical Expert but in the last 6 and half years of my Sobriety I have become an Expert on my Mind and Body. I’ve noticed I’m not the same person at 5AM that I am at 3PM. Forget that at 5Am I am very tired but I have Goals I set for myself that if I do not get up I will Never reach them. At that hour my mind and body are refreshed and recharged and there is nothing I feel I cant Accomplish. No matter the situation, I’m in a singing mood and cant wait to start my work. No Anxiety or Guilt, there’s no time for it. There’s things that need to get done. My first couple of weeks in Rehab I really spent a lot of time thinking. I decided on many things. One thing I decided was that I needed to change Everything about me. The most important was my schedule. I did most of my damage after 10pm when I was at the peak of my addiction. So I figured if I’m in bed and in deep sleep by 9pm the chances of a relapse have been cut in half. Second, by going to bed by 9PM will allow me to wake up extremely early and start making up for lost time. I will tell you this schedule has worked wonders on my Career, Health and Spirit. I feel Great. The only downside is my Social Life is non existent. But there’s someone out there for everyone And I’m sure she has my same schedule. The Best part of the 5Am start is you can pray, meditate, work, write, workout, then enjoy your shower and when you walk outside to get in your car the Sunrise is Always Beautiful. Even the Rain. I feel There’s nothing I can’t accomplish and today is going to be a Great Day.

Am I scared ? Of course I am, but now I know I’m ready. Do I want to continue to feel this good or do I want to go back to the darkness? One mistake and its all gone. Everything I’ve Accomplished and gained the last 6 and half years will disappear in the snap of a finger with one simple mistake. One slip up, one glance from a pretty girl at a lunch meeting at a Restaurant that leads to flirting that leads to “whats one glass of wine going to do”? Temptations are out there but I must stay focused. That’s why staying on my schedule and keep reminding myself of my Life Goals and Never forget the people who helped me and continue to help me. I just want to be 100 % Authentic and 100% Real in that Life is tough and its up to us to decide what we are going to do about it. Do not be Ashamed to talk about your weaknesses we are only Human for Gods sake. I Talk to God, certain family members and a few friends and my Dog. (Leah is a Great Listener)

If you need to talk to me now you know you can. Sometimes just talking you tend to answer your own questions. I want to put out there that I like and need your input. Sometimes when I struggle with something the old me would stay quiet. Now I still struggle but I reach out to people I trust but my problem is I still do not come out and say it and give hints and they eventually figure what I’m going through. (Mari)..The point is on this blog I will find the courage to say what I’m struggling with and maybe you will have the solution or vice versa. So next week I will have the courage to say it. I was today but wanted the first blogs to get you to know a little about my schedule.

See you next week

God Bless

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