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Blessed Sunday

Good Morning. Life is really good. Cost of living is skyrocketing but I have my Health and my Family and close friends and things will work out. We celebrated my oldest Nephews 30th Birthday and it was a Beautiful Night with family and friends. As always I left early but being able to be there and be a part of it was Special. It was his first Birthday without "YeYa" his Maternal Grandmother who passed away this year, but as my sister Mari always said and to a point my dad would always tell me is its time for the next Generation to step up and fulfill their family duties and Obligations. . It took me a long time to realize that we all have Responsibilities to family, Friends and most important to ourselves. As addicts we are Greedy and believe the world Owes us Everything. FYI, nobody owes us shit! We must EARN it. We earn Money, Security and Most Importantly Respect. For the most part my family and friends have slowly but surely let me back into their Lives. I caused Great Havic in the past and my Nephews and Nieces were little and experienced a lot of it. And I'm sure its still in there conscious. I got into a lot of arguments with their parents and grandparents and I said and did a lot of things under the influence which I regret But I realize its part of me and I can't erase that. All I can do is continue being the man I am today and Hopefully they see I am a better person. Respect and Trust has to be earned and All though for the most part a lot of my family and friends have forgiven and moved on I know there are some who still keep me a safe distance. I can Live with that. I know the person I am today and I am Extremely Proud and very Confident in myself. We all have dark sides. My Religion and Catholic Faith is based on Forgiveness. I too struggle with forgiving those who wronged me or gossiped about me but I pray for the Strength to forgive and forget. Look at our Lord Jesus Christ. They Nailed him to a wooden cross and Killed

him and he FORGAVE> I find my Strength in that.

With me these days what you see is what you get. Im not Ashamed of anything. Will I make mistakes again? of course I'm Human. But Believe me when I tell you I will Die for my family if need be and Hopefully, God-Willing I will have a family of my own soon. I think I'm ready.

Have a Blessed Week ..

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