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Depression Hurts.

I'm writing this in bed before I call it a day. I've had some really good days these past weeks but I know my Depression can hit anytime. I know this disease afflicts many people and their Loved ones and as I said before I'm no Doctor or Psychologist I just write what I feel. I believe Depression is hereditary and my Mother. God rest her Soul, suffered from it also. 🙏 It is widely mis-diagnosed and people can be judgemental. "What does he have to be depressed about?" Or he's not depressed

He's a drug addict. He's faking it? Sometimes the depressed person just wants to fit in in a World 🌎 they feel out of place? They always ask "are you ok? and the safest reply is? Yes I'm ok. But the reality is "Fuck no I'm not ok! Far from it. But you won't understand and it's really embarrassing. But I'm here to say you are not alone. The best advise I can give someone that i Iearned on my own is talk to someone you Trust. 💯 I put my trust in drugs and alcohol for the longest time and I thought numbing my pain was the answer but of course not. Once it wore off I was at the point of no return. By the grace of God I found the courage to seek help and the Lord delivered. No one is to blame! I will repeat NO ONE IS TO BLAME. Depression is part of Human Nature. It doesn't care of your social economic status, your looks or popularity, it can afflict anyone. Please talk to someone. It's a constant struggle and I'm Blessed to be in the position I am today because I sought Help. I pray constantly that my family and friends Never have to Suffer what I suffered but i'm BLESSED of the Man my struggles have made me. 🙏

Good Night

God Bless

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