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A Mother's Message

Happy Sunday. It's been sometime since my last blog but I'm back, Healthy and Ready to continue Life. As most of you know, my Mother passed away in May and I've been keeping my Mind, Spirit and Body busy. To say my Mother is the Reason I got Clean and Sober is an understatement. If it wasn't for her, I'd be another statistic. You'd wake up one morning and read a Facebook post of another person passing away or not waking up because of an Overdose. Thank God I did not put my Mother through that! I bet a lot of you know someone that has gone through this? Drug addiction and Overdosing is at an all time high due to a variety of reasons. My Blogs are not Scientific, But Spiritual, so I leave the numbers to the Staticians. I know a few people get a laugh when someone like me becomes Spiritual, But when you come face to face with the Devil you'd understand. The last few days of my Mother's Life will remain with me forever. The unity of our family and TRUE friends was AMAZING. We cried and laughed. Laughed? Yes. My mother would come in and out of consciousness many times and say things, to our Astonishment, that solidified her Strength. She fought to the end. Sometimes she would blurt out things we couldn't comprehend and we tried to figure out what she was saying and my nephews and nieces and cousins would interject what she was trying to say and it was just so peaceful and joyous to me seeing us all together around her to the END. I did a lot of Soul searching those last few days of my Mother being with us. The One Constant thought was I'm glad a got Clean and Sober for this. My father died me being an addict and alcoholic and selfish person. I have to Live with that the Rest of my Life and the devil and his demons constantly remind me of it. But by the Grace of God, and the Strength and Resolve of my Mother, I got Clean and Sober. She died knowing I was Ok, and Striving to be the man she envisioned me to be. I've come a long way but I still have some Work to do. She set the Bar high for me. A man of Character and of his word and NO MATTER what you KEEP FIGHTING. I really enjoy Life now and I get Lost in my Work and in my Writings. Before I leave this Earth, I want to be Remembered as a man who beat Adversity and through the Strength of his MOTHER Persevered

Have a Great Week

God Bless

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