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A Smile and a Shot

Being Sober and dating is really difficult, especially when you spent most of your adult Life at pick up Bars. I’ve always been a real shy and insecure person. It wasn’t until I became completely clean and sober and dedicated my Life to being a Better Man under God that I became a Strong- Secure and Confident Man. Most men I know went to college, got a job, married and had kids. That’s the “politically correct“ way of Life. I admire those that had their Life in order and were able to do it that way. Bravo. I wasn’t one of those men. I always saw marriage and commitment as a very serious, important and responsible thing, Under God. A man needed to be ready. I wasn’t. In my late teens and 20’s I was very

immature and the only thing I wanted to do was be with Woman. Many Woman. Just a no-holds bar, uncommitted, don’t even worry about calling me tomorrow, Sex. Yes, I know, how shallow, but its the Truth and the truth is needed to improve on oneself. I don’t know if its the Latin or Cuban in me or just male animalistic tendencies but I’ve always Loved Woman. It didn’t help that I grew up with woman and my 2 older sisters had the hottest friends on the Planet And they’d always be at my house. But one thing I can say is I’ve always respected woman and I will continue to and If I ever have a son, teach him to Respect all Woman like my dad taught me. My Love for Woman hasn’t subsided now that I’m a little older but I will tell you I’m ready for a Mature, Normal, Loving Relationship with One (1) WOMAN. It’s safe to say I “Sow’d my wild Oats”. I think if if I had gotten Married while I was still an Addict it would have been a Nightmare And Truly unfair to my Wife. That’s the thing about me that really impressed me about myself. A lot of Addicts go through Life not caring about themselves or the people close to them that they Hurt. There was always something inside me, reminding me there was something wrong and broken that had to be Fixed Before I could commit to someone for Life. I Hope you understand that this is the premise of me looking in the mirror every morning and telling myself “You can and will be a Better Man today”.

Hello, (smile) can I buy you a drink? That’s it. That all I had! Lol. It worked many times. I don’t think I’ll ever go to a Pick up Bar again. So how do I find someone? I always hear people say “it will happen when you least expect it” and “you can‘t go looking for it”. I asked my good friend Mario Garcia Jr. who has been Happily married for a very long time and has a Beautiful, Loving Wife and three beautiful sons and Beautiful Home. Mario how’d you know she was the one? His reply stuck with me, he said “You just know”, its hard to explain but when you see her, and she’s the one and you listen to her talk for the first time, YOU JUST KNOW...and there’s NO DOUBT. Then you fight for her.

In closing I just wanted to add that this is new to me, interacting with people sober and with my Shield down. When I went to bars, with every drink my insecurities would disappear, the more I drank the more Courages I got. Most of the times you need to realize the woman at these bars were drunk also.They were hiding something also. So here you have 2 people wanting attention, Love, Companionship, sex, whatever..It was fun many times but what did you really have? Nothing Genuine. Nothing Authentic. Now that I’m Clean and Sober. Clear Headed..What your see is what you get....When I speak I speak from the heart and know If you like me now, at this moment, I’ll be a better man Tomorrow. I know this.

God Bless

Have a Great Week

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