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Roman Water 💧

No.... I can’t...... I made a Promise to do something else and I intend to keep it. Learn these words and phrases. You will and should be using them a lot. One of the surprising things About Sobriety was the World it opened up to me. It was like I was living in a parallel Universe. Everyone was living this different Life, getting things accomplished setting and meeting Goals Except me. We are only here in this World a set number of days, think about that for a moment? Our time here has an expiration date. What I’m I going to accomplish? What will be my Legacy? Will I even be missed or even remembered? Right before my one year Anniversary of Being clean and sober, one of my Developer friends and clients invited me to Rome. It was one of the Greatest Experiences of my Life. I’m a big History and Architecture buff. Walking through the Cobblestone Streets of Rome I couldn’t help but close my eyes and think of the Roman Legions that marched through these very Roads. Rome was like a Live history book. The Statues of Julius Caesar, The Ruins still intact, The Coliseum... I would also think if I was still drinking I’d be at the bar the whole trip hitting on American tourist girls pretending I was European. :) For some reason the time I was in Rome the City was filled with American tourist like my self. Since I intended to not drink this trip and return to the States and celebrate my one Year of Sobriety with my family I found myself in a lot of Coffee shops. It was in Rome I found the love of Coffee and Internet Cafes. I love sitting and People watching and what a better place than Rome to sit and enjoy Life. Every 10 minutes it seemed Americans like myself would come up to me and ask me for directions thinking I was Italian and lived there. They would talk slow as If I didn’t know know English. After the 10th time I started replying to them in Spanish. “si el foro esta al final de la Calle.“ Oh you are from Spain? No Tampa.....

Our contact in Rome was a very Respected man named Basilio Giordano. Former Senatore della Republican XVI Legislatura. (Senator at the Italian Parliament) Basilio was the perfect host and we enjoyed many dinners throughout Rome and Vatican City. I still keep in touch With Basilio Via Social Media and I am looking forward one day to returning to Rome (hopefully married) and catching up with my friend Basilio.

This trip to Rome was very different than any trip or vacation I had ever taken. The big difference ? Not drinking. But with this came no hang overs and I enjoyed every minute of my time in Italy. As you can imagine, going to Italy and not drinking must have been difficult? Yes very. But everyone else drinks, just not me. I drank a lot of Water. Rome is known for its water fountains Through out the City and when we would go to Restaurants I’d order a bottle of? Spring Water. Being hydrated worked wonders on my state of mind. I was so clear headed that it was in Rome where I laid out my future plans. Stay Sober. Build my Company. Find a wife And return to Rome.

There is a Whole World out there and you do not need drugs and alcohol to enjoy Life. Lets be serious here. As you know I partied like a Rock Star And it wasn’t all bad but everything Has an expiration date. I was Blessed by Our Lord to realize this and I needed to wake up and see the Beauty of Life. There are so many things left undone and so many things I want to Experience I just do not have time numb my feelings I want to embrace my feelings and Live Life to the fullest. I want to feel the Roman Sun on my face again, smell the Croissants baking in the ovens and the Perfume of the Beautiful lady sitting next to me. (Who is she?)

Have a Blessed Weekend


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