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Hell on Earth

Addiction Hurts.

We use terms as “Recovered Addicts”, “former addict”. In reality, addicts are Never cured. They just manage to survive and stop using. Many relapse and a few manage to stay clean for a very long time. I think addicts that decide to get clean and seek help are some of the bravest people on Earth. The Stigma of addiction is that what’s to stop them from going back to using? Everyone is different and I can only speak for myself. What lead me to stop using was that I was in Living Hell. You hear the term “Heaven on Earth”, and I think Life on Earth can be Beautiful, but let me tell you there’s also ”Hell on Earth”. My Catholic Faith and up-bringing, taught me that Evil coexists with Good. There is a God and if we believe that, then we must believe there is a Devil. It is written in the scriptures. I think Satan takes advantage of the weak and Addicts, that turn to drugs and Alcohol to escape their Pain, open themselves up to Inviting Satan into their Lives. I found myself in such a Dark and Terrible place, a place so lonely Satan disguised himself as Comfort and I willingly let him in and no matter how many times I asked him to leave he would just transform himself into some other Earthly Pleasure. Is was like a maze trying to escape. I did some really terrible things Lost in that maze and everY time I thought was about to break free I hit another dead end. No way out. I eventually quit trying to escape and I delved deeper and further into my Abyss. I could literally hear Satan laughing at me Until I realized the only way out was Death or Enlightenment. I would literally go to sleep clutching my Bible as if by Osmosis the Holy Spirit would save me. One day I realized I had to make a Choice. A Promise to God to Save me from myself. He delivered and by His Grace he saved me and I’m Living a ”Heaven on Earth“. But I know very well Satan is close by waiting in the Darkness for me to be weak again. But I tell you I will NEVER be weak again and I know if I continue to choose God and Goodness, He will NEVER fail me.

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