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I'm a lot Stronger than I thought

7 1/2 years of Sobriety. It seems like yesterday I had Lost it all and given up. My father died and I was so lost. The only thing I cared about was numbing my pain. I kept saying tomorrow I will get better but today I'm drinking. I wish I can say that this is all a blur now, but it is still very vivid in my mind and thoughts, but this is a good thing because I can be right there real quick if I'm not careful.

As I have written many times before, My Sobriety was God sent. The Lord worked through his Spirit

and his Spirit engulfed me with Strength to allow me to make the tough decisions. The Lord worked through my Mom and sisters and family and somehow we put the past and pain behind us and worked on a Solution. We are living in tough and uncertain times. What's left out of the news these days is that alcohol and drug addiction and overdoses are at an all-time high. I tell the story that if it wasn't for my dad leaving me a house, I'd be homeless. My dad left this Earth knowing his son was an alcoholic and a drug addict. My Mom told me his biggest fear leaving this World was not dying but that I will eventually be homeless. I'm Blessed I had the father and mother and family I did. A lot of addicts are not so Lucky. What separates me, and I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else is I MADE THE CHOICE>

My family made a commitment to my Sobriety. It was very expensive for my mom and It put a lot of Responsibility on my sisters taking care of her when I was away a whole year getting better.

I stayed up Long nights thinking of Everything everyone did for me and the one thing that came up in my mind? You're A son of a Bitch -if you drink or drug again. I've been drinking and partying my whole Life. This is not going to be easy, So I turned to the scriptures and in the Gospels of Mathew I found out Life is a struggle and we are put on Earth for a Purpose and we will be Judged one day. I found My purpose. Clear. Crystal Clear. (I'll talk about that later)

One last thing I want to bring up today is the Mental Health Crisis, we as a Nation, are facing in America. When I was growing up, when there was an alcoholic or drug addict in the family, you just didn't talk about it. You focused on the other kids in the family. I'd like to give my Late Mother Gladys (Yeya) credit for taking the initiative and bringing my Mental Health public. It saved my Life.

She could have easily said, look, I'm old, I'm sick, I just lost my Husband and I've been a Great Mother but I can't help you Frankie. Who would have blamed her? I for one would have understood. But my Mom showed more courage and Strength in getting me the help I needed and took the shame out of it somehow where today I speak freely on it.

Today I am a very Strong and Determined Individual because of her....

Have a Blessed Week

I'm here if you need me.

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