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I’ve Lived...

I’m 51 and I can tell you I’ve Lived a full Life. Don‘t get me wrong, there are still many things I have left to experience and accomplish, but I’ve Lived. I’ve experienced so many failures and disappointments it’s funny 😄 thinking of some of them Now. Through out my Life

even though I’ve never been married I’ve had some pretty strong-relationships. People, friends and family that have always been by my side in good times and some very bad and dark times.I’ve put myself in some very tough and disheartening situations and if it wasn‘t for some of those people I wouldn’t be here this Sunday Morning writing about it. You ever wake up feeling so helpless and worse Hopeless ? And yet you get that call or visit and they open the blinds and let the sunshine 🌞 in and they say GET UP!? I was fortunate enough to have caring people in my Life to not let me feel sorry for myself too long. They would simply not take No for an answer. So here I am, full of Life and willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals. I now understand Life is not one big party. We are here for a Specific Reason. yes you can enjoy Life but you have to have Balance; a give and take or take and give mentality. I realized I’m a Strong person, physically and mentally, and I need to put that Strength to good use in helping those in need and the Less fortunate. Be it in my circle of friends and family or even strangers. What Sobriety has taught me is we are emotional beings And that’s one aspect of me I need to work on is my Emotions. My emotions get the best of me and I need to control it. I’m not the center of the Universe, I need to learn to sit back and observe then make logical decision, not based on emotions but based on Logic. Understand and see the World through others viewpoints. Even if they differ from mine. One thing that’s been constant in my New Life is my Faith in God. There are many things I still do not comprehend or understand about the way people act or behave and maybe I need to realize I don’t need to, but just put Trust in the Lord

and worry about my actions and that’s the Best way to handle things. The Lord has not let me down. I was told it wouldn’t be easy but it will be worth it.

So just be you and Trust in yourself and the outcome will be Amazing.

Have a Great and Blessed Week.

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