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Laughter is the Best Remedy..

I’m a Alcoholic. Relax.. it’s not contagious. I’m also an Addict. I never thought I’d be so open about this but it is who I am. It is also who I decided to become to combat this. It’s the hand I was dealt and like it or not I’ll be one the rest of my Life. When I go to sleep at night it’s on my mind and when I wake up in the morning

I feel this mission and energy to do something good, something positive because of the second chance I’ve been given by God. I didn’t beat addiction alone, my family

stepped up and rolled up their sleeves and decided we‘re all in this together. it effected everyone in my family, and everyone played a role in my Sobriety. The biggest roles were obviously my mother and 2 sisters. My mom, I was told said no matter the cost or the sacrifice, whatever Frankie needs we‘re giving it! I’m not going to provide #’s but it wasn’t cheap sending me to rehab for a year at a private facility. People ask how do you find the strength to stay sober? I just close my eyes and think of the generosity of my mom. How can I ever drink or do drugs again knowing what this Woman did for me? Not to many people know my uncle, her brother, was an alcoholic and succumbed to the disease. I picture her praying to God and in her prayers saying Satan took my brother but you will NEVER take my Son. Please God protect him. Protect me he did. Her Strength is my Inspiration. What’s Amazing about my mom is just 6 months earlier before sending me to rehab she buried her husband,

my dad And at the age 85 at the time

she showed more courage, strength and resolve than I can try to explain in this blog. She truly is an Inspirational Woman. We had Family visitation on Weekends and you could choose to see me on Saturday or Sunday. My mom came both days And Never missed a weekend.For a Year. It wasn‘t Easy for my sisters either. They had to take in my mom when dad passed away and on top of work and their family obligations Had a brother in rehab. But in the end it all worked out.

Worked out pretty good. At first when I got home everyone was walking on egg shells on how to act in front of me. I’m a jokester and every-time I’d get agitated id say “ I need a drink”. It took a while for them to get my humor. As my mom got older she became allergic to Alcohol. This sucked for her because she really enjoyed her glass of Wine and Sangria. We learned the hard way one night at a restaurant where she had a bad reaction to the food she ordered and as it was cooked with Alcohol. She is that sensitive to it..We had to call the paramedics. Now it’s really stressful for my sisters to take her out to eat as we need to explain to the waiters no Alcohol. She still complains she wants her wine. Lol. Everytime we go out to dinners I get a laugh at my sisters. Especially Mariloly. She takes the lead in ordering for my mom. She pulls the waiter in and says please listen carefully, we have 2 people here that at are very allergic to Alcohol. My mom stops breathing and we will need to call an ambulance if you give her any alcohol. And my Brother. You give him any Alcohol, no Ambulance, but he might end up in Prison..You got that? The waiter always looks like shit what did I just get myself into here? Mari said relax. Ok so I should just bring everyone water and cokes? Just them.. I’ll have a Chardonnay! a glass? No Bring me the whole bottle you don’t see what I’m up against ? Lol 😂

I Love my Family.

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