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Look around. Realize how Blessed you are.

Good morning peeps. That crazy time of year is started. If you're like me, stress and anxietry starts to creep in with all the Holliday commitments were about to face. I love the Hollidays, especially Xmas and seeing the little ones open their presents and spending time with family and friends we haven't seen in awhile, but some times we can lose focus. I used to be a very Materialistic person. I had a very generous father who gave me everything and looking back now I'd trade $1 million dollars to just sit and have lunch and a conversation with him. For the first time in my Life I finally feel like a man. It has nothing to do with money, or success or looks, it has everything to do with PURPOSE and COMMITMENT. I am still here for a reason and that reason is to continue to grow spiritually and to make my Life and those who are a part of it Better. Everyday we are given a set number of hours and what we do within those hours builds the foundation and eventually the Tower we call "OUR LIFE". When our time is up on this EARTH, will that TOWER be strong enough to continue standing and Continue your Legacy? your Father's Legacy? I sure Hope so.

One of my dad's constant quotes was "there's time for everything. Yes, I am obsessed with work now but I know that is not healthy. I need to spend more time with friends and family. Theres time for everything. Going back to the Hollidays, try not to stress. Remember its a time to Reflect on what we Have. We are Blessed more than we realize. Working hard and enjoying the finer things in Life is good also I believe but try to take the Materialistic things out of it this Holliday and try and Help those Less fortunate than you. I see it everyday, people in need and friends that are struggling. My Mother always told me to pray and let God Guide you through the tough times but you have to get up early and work hard and Never look down on anyone unless you are Helping them up. God I miss her.

I Hope this week and the Rest of the Year you fulfill your Hopes and Dreams. I look forward to what Life has to offer.


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