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Strength & Peace

You don’t have to look or travel Too far to find what you are looking for. I read all the Secret books and I believe in the Power of Attraction. “What the mind can conceive the body will achieve”. The Universe will supply it. But you have to prepare your mind for it. My addiction and recovery have been well documented and every day is a new day and with it comes new struggles. Some say this is Life. The Catholic in me is taught to believe this Life is just temporary and we must remember there is a better and Extraordinary after-Life to those who are Blessed by our Lord. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this Life on Earth, we just need to have Balance. As a recovered Addict, I can say I never had balance In my Life until I got clean and sober. I had Loving and Supportive parents and wanted or lacked for anything, accept maybe Discipline. I post a lot of workout posts and shirtless pics because they have a deep meaning to me. As a young boy I was very skinny and awkward looking. I was constantly harassed and made fun of. I decided to do something about it and developed an incredible physique. Believe me it was not easy and many hours were spent in the gym and construction sites developing my muscles. I just pictured what I wanted to look like

and everyday did something about it. “What the mind can conceive the body will achieve”.

In the journey I got lost and strayed but by the Grace of our Lord he righted my path. As I get older

I find it more gratifying getting up early, praying and striving for my Goals. I don’t think I could be in the position I’m in, in Life today at this very moment if I was still a drug addict and selfish Alcoholic. I remind myself of this every night and every morning. Life is good now. There’s a lot of things I still need to accomplish and a Promise to myself that’s yet unfulfilled. If it’s our Lord’s will it will be. Patience. I’ve been going at 100 miles per hour for a very long time and I needed a mental break. Writing this helps. I hope it helps someone.

Stopping drugs and drinking was the Best thing I could have done.

Good Night and God Bless.

Thank You Lord

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