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The Painting Niece

I Hope Everyone had a safe and Beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend. Mine was fabulous. We all have that one crazy relative that likes to get a little tipsy and cause drama and problems. Unfortunately, in my family, that individual was me. I can type this with a grin now but it wasn’t funny back then. I never started to drink and said “I’m going to drink so much I’m I’m going to black out and make a fool of myself”, But that was what would happen many times. It’s Alcoholism 101. You plan on drinking a few drinks, enjoying your evening and going home early, then waking up in a strangers bed, 100 miles from home. My blog Will eventually delve deeper into “is Alcoholism a Disease or a Choice”?

I can litigate for hours on both sides of that argument. For Now I will just say I didn’t choose to be an Alcoholic, But I DID CHOOSE to do do something about it. They’re are many contributing factors that lead one to drink and drink excessively that then leads to Chronic Alcoholism. Alcoholism is a Progressive disease. In a nut shell, what this means is: It’s just going to get worse!! So you better decide soon what your exit plan is going to be because the clock is ticking and the alternatives are truly

gruesome. On the other side, and there is always another side of the coin, if you do decide to get help, the alternative is so Beautiful, just like the picture I chose with this blog. The girl in the pick is my Niece Ashley Nicole Martin. I spent the Weekend with my sister Luly and her family and my mom this Thanksgiving Weekend. My other sister Mariloly was in Miami wither her in-laws. I had gone out with my Nephew Jeffrey that day and needed to pick up my car. He dropped me off and as I was walking up to their house I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the day was. The weather, the sun, the breaze and fresh flowers: their dog Jay outside greeting me. Then I look up and I see this Beautiful Vision, My Niece Ashley painting outside. To me it looked Angel Like. I couldn’t help but wonder the many Times I missed this view when I was deep in my addiction. The morning after were spent in bed and sometimes I’d spend all day in bed recovering. Now I can’t wait to get up and live my Life and try And make a difference in the World. Going back to Ashley, I just stood there for a moment and soaked it all in with the fresh air. It’s one of those moments that is engrained in your memories for ever. I really believe it was a sign from God telling me how far I’ve come. And to not mess it up! There’s more to come. I had to take her picture, and I did without her noticing as for it to be natural and not staged,.

On the drive home it made me realize of the people and families still suffering from Alcoholism and Addiction. How many families woke up this morning with some alcohol related trauma in their Lives. The unnecessary fights and arguments etc. I was Blessed to be given a 2nd chance and I was also blessed to be able to get help at a top notch facility. If it wasn’t for the generosity of my Mother, I can only imagine where I’d end up if I didn’t get help. On the theme again “is Alcoholism a Disease or a Choice“? I truly believe no Individual chooses to drink to hurt other people. They choose to drink to fill a void in their Life or mask a pain. As everyone knows, Alcoholism, Unchecked, can lead to very bad situations. I could have Never gotten clean and sober without t

he help of my Family and God. A lot of people looked down on me and even gossiped about me during my Life of drinking not knowing what was really going on in my Life. This only made things worse. So to those reading this and have someone they know struggling with addiction and alcoholism, try to separate the disease from the individual. The bad things they are doing are related to the drugs and alcohol. And yes to a big extent their choices, but HATE THE DISEASE NOT THE INDIVIDUAL. Think of the person they can become if they get the Help they need? They are fighting an Invisible battle and they are holding their ground and waiting for reinforcements to come to finish their enemy off. You can Be their Reinforcement then maybe one day they can experience the Painting Niece in a Warm Sunny Day....

Thank You Lord

God Bless

Have a Great Week ! Hit the gym

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