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The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions Yes its Wednesday but I love writing my Thoughts...

Anxiety is a killer. Life is tough and people worry about everyday problems. People treat and cope with Anxiety differently. Driving home today from a long trip gave me time to think. I was reminded the many times I tried to do the right thing and still failed. Addicts aren’t bad people. Our actions lead us to do things. Bad things. Sometimes very bad things. This short blog is just a quick recap of how a bad decision can lead to a very bad situation. I read a lot and I came across this article on the health benefits of drinking Red Wine.

One of those benefits is Red Wine combats anxiety. At the time I was Living in Atlanta and working at a Bank. My anxiety always hits at the same time usually around 6pm. So I’d either go to to the gym or Happy Hour. I had an important meeting and told myself I need to just stay in and get a good nights sleep. So I decide to let me get some red wine pour my self a glass and let me just relax and fall asleep. It was pretty early and I was feeling good about myself and my big day tomorrow. That one glass of red wine worked wonders, the article was right. However, the article didn‘t have a footnote for addicts;

I drank the whole bottle and ended up at a strip joint until 6AM, came home with some strippers and missed my meeting. Shit I missed the next 3 days of work. I had every intention of drinking that one glass of wine, falling asleep and having a great day at work. On top of the hangover my Guilt letting my boss down and myself down multiplied my misery and mental state. This is just one of many stories I can tell of my experiences. The bottom line is realizing Alcohol and me don’t mix. The millions of times

my good intentions lead to chaos. I worked with my dad early in my Life and I can’t help but wonder all the problems I caused. But I need to learn from my past and continue moving forward. If you are wondering if Alcohol has caused you problems, maybe its time to consider stopping. Believe me it’s the Best thing I ever did.

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